Oh look, I finally wrote something

Well, helloooooooo fellow humans of this beautiful planet we reside on. You have absolutely no idea how long it has taken me to finally start whatever the hell this is. Here, I’ll give you a hint: 3 years too many, 3 dumb years to finally get the courage to start a little old blog to let my inner creativity and thoughts finally run free out of the constraints of my noggin.

Now here’s the thing, I’m not going to do some stupid “ice breaker/first blog post” thing that many people tend to do. The whole introducing myself and sharing 50 odd facts about myself seems dumb and unnecessary given that you, reading this post, are probably coming from Facebook. Facebook as in the apparent, what, “400 friends” that I apparently have on there? So hello possible friend, family, foe, and/or acquaintance, you already know my name and probably how to mispronounce my name too, so yeah hi, there is no FUN FACT list on here, sorry to disappoint.

Also, don’t get too excited on the word “CONFESSION” in the title of the blog because lol there is not going to be any type of confessions going on here by me. I have nothing to confess and I’m pretty sure I’m not in church whilst writing any of these posts. I just couldn’t think of a wittier title to make that had the word millennial in it. I’ll most likely just be ranting about things, expressing feelings toward relevant things happening in the world, sharing bomb ass food recipes I’ve made or found, and maybe my dog because, hey, who the hell doesn’t like puppies? So yeah, no confessions here folks. Just disappointing you even more aren’t I? (; I’m full of them don’t you worry, full of buns too. Wait, I meant puns. WHOOPS~

So yes, that is all for this segment of “what the hell is going to come out of this girls mouth”. ‘Twas a short, sweet, and simple little post. I mean i did write quite a lot so maybe not so short but i don’t care, you’ve read this far so something must’ve made you stick around for this long. So thanks fellow humans (if there are any of you actually here lol) for clicking on this link and reading the not so funny contents that resided on this page. I appreciate it. Let’s see what comes out of my mouth next time, shall we?

Byeeeee ☮️


This will most likely be a place for me to just exert any frustration, energy, excitement, news, thoughts, desires, and/or just my time in general. This will be my outlet for my brain and inner self to speak freely. If you and/or anyone else by any chance is easily offended or take things too personally, or just can’t take a joke, I suggest you leave now, peasant. I’m sarcastic af (for those of you who are *too?* old and don’t understand what af means, it means *as fuck*) and will have no filter whatsoever in any of the future blog posts that will come up on this little thing. This thing is for my enjoyment and for the sole purpose of letting me express how i feel on things. So if this is a problem for you, please do not continue to read any further posts, please and thank you.


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