Take your time, slow down, everyone is where they are in life for a reason

The above statement is something i try to remind myself of often because for some reason, I almost always find myself mentally panicking, thinking that i am just so far behind in life compared to my friends around me. Now, do i actually take this advice from myself? Clearly not, because i am in the middle of being unemployed, indecisive of where i want to go next, and annoyed at the fact that i am about a semester to a year behind in school because of my inability to make the “right” choice for school 3 years ago. And this ladies and gentlemen is me panicking. And it sucks.

It’s funny though, panicking yet trying to be optimistic about the future and what lies ahead at the same time. I panic mostly because i see my friends doing so much more with their lives than i see myself doing currently. However, me doing this isn’t fair to myself given that many of my friends are generally older than me by a couple years, therefore will have more life and “professional”(?) experiences than little 20 year old me. Like of course all of my 22 yr old+ friends will have some type of decent career, living on their own, and other great opportunities i’m sure they’ve had thus far in this young life. However watching this all from afar, sucks because i want to be there where they are, on that cool island where they aren’t stuck. Because I feel stuck. Even though i know i shouldn’t feel stuck because i still have the rest of my life to figure shit out.

Then again, they’re all probably feeling the same way i am. Stuck, not sure as to where they want to go next in their life. Maybe the entire world feels that way. Which leads me back to the title of this little post where i believe that everyone should just take their time and slow down. Because although i feel panicky because i don’t know where to go next in my life, whether it be school, career, or general life wise, everyone is where they are in life for a reason. Maybe I’m suppose to be here, taking my time to figure out my next step, instead of rushing into the next thing that might possibly not be the “right” step. Maybe you’re suppose to be where you are because that *shit* internship that you have is your step before you find that other internship (or maybe job/career!) that you love dearly. Whatever the hell it might be, I think we all just need to take a step back and just relax for a minute or two. Maybe stop worrying about where to go next, because where we are now is probably just as important for us than what comes afterwards.

That was a nice little pep talk that i just gave myself. Now, I think i’m off to actually take my own advice. As for your reading this? Take the advice too, but only if you want. Because who am i to force you to take any type of advice from the internet?

Peace out y’all ☮️


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