Creative Energies and Writers Block

Okay, so i’ve been on a bit of a writers block this week. It really damn sucks when i feel a big blank and i can’t think of anything to write about. Even before i created this blog, i was writing in my little journal that i had or just conjuring up thoughts in my heads and creating things out of thin air and even then i would come across a lot of writers block. I wonder why this all is. Am i not being creative enough? Am i not exerting enough of my energy in things that i know i love doing? I know i said no fun facts in my very first blog post but here’s a fun fact for ya: I’m like really into art and i’m really good at it too. Okay, maybe not really good since its been so long since i sat down with a pen and paper and let my talent run wild, so i’m probably rusty now, but i was good at art.

Let me break this down real quick though, i was really good at doodling, sketching, and cartooning mostly. I would draw whatever my heart desired and i would hate when people would tell me to “draw them” because….like….no, i’m not going to do that lol I don’t want to. If i did, i would’ve done it ages ago. I was also never really confident in my skills given that i taught myself to draw beginning at the age of maybe…9? So of course i would never want to draw a person in a realistic style; my skills were only so limited to what i taught myself and what i picked up over the years of watching videos of others draw and the art and media around me. And over the years, starting from about 5 years ago, i sort of stopped exerting my artistic talents….not because i wanted to stop. Of course i didn’t want to stop. But I don’t know, somewhere along the line i just put down my pen and my multiple sketch books and gave myself a….rest? I guess? I mean, i didn’t need a rest but let’s just call it that, shall we?

On to my writing block. As i said a couple lines ago, I’ve always written things. Whether that be in a journal or on a random little scrap paper, i loved to write. English was always my favorite class growing up and i secretly loved writing papers and being able to just write all of my thoughts and/or opinions on a piece of paper and call it mine. I even enjoyed being told what to write about because even then, in my own little mind, i twisted it around so that it sounded like me, like it sounded like my own voice. I don’t know. I don’t think I’m making any sense, but i just really love to write, okay?

So whenever i get into a funk and i can’t think of anything to write about, it frustrates me. It frustrates me because why can’t i think of anything to write about? Have i lost all of my ideas? Have i lost my “touch”? Obviously these are just young me being a little over dramatic, but that’s how i feel sometimes which sucks. And i guess that feeling can be linked back as to why i sort of stopped drawing and sketching. I let all of those negative feelings and thoughts get to me so much to the point where i just stopped drawing/sketching. Wait, did i just solve my own problem? Looks like i did. That wasn’t even planned out either. I never plan out any of these posts, i sort of just let things come to me. But I’m glad that i sort of figured out my funk for my artsy skills. As for my writers block, I mean…I don’t know. I guess i just have so many things i want to write about that i don’t know where to start next. Which sounds a little obnoxious if i read that back to myself. Like what hundreds of thoughts do you honestly have stuck up inside your brain for the world to read and listen to? I mean I don’t know, but i do have plenty.

God, I’m so annoying. I sound like a know-it-all. Trust me thats not the vibe at all that I’m trying to go for here. I just want to write about shit that seems relatable, maybe help a brother or sister out, ya know? I don’t know. I also say that a lot: I don’t know. Because i never seem to know what’s next. I like to go with the flow, however clearly that tactic isn’t helping me with any of the types of blocks that I am currently having.

But yeah, anyways, now that i’ve figured out my problem as to why i stopped with my creativity on paper and my writers block, i want to start doing more things to help me get those creative juices flowing again. Like maybe carrying around a sketchbook and journal so i can doodle and jot down anything that inspires me and catches my eye. Maybe i can start taking more pictures of things around me, get inspired by that so i can doodle and write more. I’m not sure. What i do know is that “creative juices” is one of my tag things on Pinterest at the moment so, I’m sure that more social media things can help me figure out my creative juice flow. Who knows? Shrug. Definitely not me, that’s for sure. Because I don’t know.



**just so i don’t get told off–i do not own the picture that was featured for this post, i found it off google. All rights to the OG artist**


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