Morning rants about the higher Educational System

So it’s the 2nd of May, which means i’m almost done with school and i only have a week or so left of classes to attend. But just thinking about that fact alone makes it hard for me to be motivated to get to class and sit there through another mundane lecture. So here i am, in my local library writing this and complaining about the fact that the end of spring semesters are always hard because i just need my 4ish months of summer vacation to hit me in the face and let me run free of any educational responsibilities. God. This makes me look like i truly hate school. I mean….it’s not completely false.

The fact of the matter is that i do somewhat dislike school. But i don’t like school for reasons that you may think. I don’t like it for the fact that its very repetitive and depending on what classes i have chosen (or made to choose from because of the stupid fact that there are about a million general education requirements that many universities make you do) its just boring. Like for example, I’m taking this History of Comic Books since 1938….and that sounds cool, right? Absolutely wrong. It’s actually quite boring and it costs me to stay awake through that class. Another thing that i dislike about having to go to class is the way some people teach or lecture their class. Honestly i really don’t know how people manage to pass their MTELS and become a teacher because for the love of God, there are some people who just don’t even know where the hell they’re standing, let alone what’s even coming out of their mouth. Which is fine. I say some random shit. But the difference between me and them is that i am not a teaching professional nor will i ever be.

I’m not paying this place a fine penny for me to not be taught anything because some incompetent people don’t know how to teach. Its frustrating really. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me and maybe i’m just not cut out for long lectures. Then again, if i weren’t cut out for it i wouldn’t be here now would i? No, I wouldn’t. And that’s why i am here, because i DO in fact like being taught new things. I like to learn and shit and make use of my brain inside my head. I like to solve problems and write papers and all that dumb stuff most people find tedious or boring. I like school, i do. I just don’t like the professors who have the need to waste my time with their so called “teaching”, because honey, you have not taught me one single thing this entire semester.

What a waste of money.

But then again, i chose to be here.

Three years down, another two to go.




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