It’s been a hot second. Scorching even.

WOW. Hi guys. To repeat whats on the title above, its been a damn hot second since i’ve written anything on this poor, poor dusty old blog. No, seriously. It’s super dusty in here, im currently dusting off my mantle as we speak.

Lol JK. That was a bad joke. I’m not really in some other dimension that involves me physically being inside of my website. Although, thinking about it that would be a pretty dope idea. Very Fairly Odd Parents episode-esque.

Anyways, i do want to apologize about not posting in like what…6 months or something like that? This year has truly been a trip for me. I think in a very earlier post of mine i talked about how much this year has been different for me and all of the many bad choices and actions i’ve been up to. You can go read that somewhere, I’d give you the link but quite frankly i can’t remember which post that’s on. But yeah, other than the rollercoaster ride of bad decisions that i did the first few beginning months of the year, I’ve also been trying to figure myself out. Who i am and where im going, shit like that, ya know?

I guess it took me 21 years of living my life to really understand who i am and where the fuck im trying to go. I know im being super vague here but i dont want to get into that just now. Maybe sometime in the future or maybe you’ll just figure it out–who knows. But yeah. This year…has really just fucking sucked. I mean, once i finally came to terms with myself and just like, life and this year, i guess it sucked a little less. But fuck sake man…THIS YEAR HAS BEEN FULL OF EVERYTHING AMIRITE?!

Like it’s almost the end of the year and im looking back at everything that’s damn happened this year and…wow. What a damn ride. I legit had my seat belt on and everything thats how wild this years been. I was holding on for dear life and not giving a fuck what really happened. Which, i guess for some people is actually a good way to grow up. You kind of just hold on to your life and hope for the best. Geez. That sounds a little dark. I promise i didnt mean it to be as dark as it sounded.

—-okay side note, while i’m writing this there’s this guy sitting an aisle next to me in the library and for the love of god–he is chewing his food and SWALLOWING IT SO FRUSTRATINGLY LOUD I WANT TO THROW A BOOK AT HIS FACE.

Okay back to the relevance of this post. Essentially what i’m trying to say is that, i haven’t been writing on here because i was pretty much in the middle of trying to figure out who i am, what that means, and what are my next steps to better myself and my future. I guess the whole notion of me being an adult has hit me full frontal and i just want to be as prepared as possible so i can handle whats out there for me next. Especially in the disastrous world that we are so unfortunately living in now…whoops. Did i say that out loud? I frankly don’t care. It’s the truth. Another reason i wasn’t writing was because i also was in between jobs this entire year. I had 3 separate jobs at different times of the year, and two in which i absolutely hated by the end. Between these three separate jobs i also had at least 1-3 months of unemployment which really took a blow on me and my wallet which also didn’t make me feel good as a person because i felt even more in a rut. So there was no real inspiration for me to write because my life in the past 8 to 9 months was truly just a mess and i was pretty much all over the place, literally. So writing was very last thing on my mind.

However, now im in a much more happier place with my current job and overall where i’m at in life. So my creative juices and inspriation is having more of a kick now that im happy with myself and where im at in life. I’ve experienced a lot of interesting and new things that i want to share with anyone who is willing to read it and have a good laugh. So i’m ready to dust off this cute little site of mine and really get back to work with what i want this all to be. A space where i can just express myself and my life to a bunch of strangers (or distant friends, if i decide to post this on facebook. Lol hi, y’all) and just let loose. I want to be heard, even if its by a bunch of strangers.

I have a voice and after figuring my shit out, i think that my future looks bright when i decide to speak up and say something about…well….anything. Writing is my thing and i don’t ever want to give up on it like i did these past couple of months. Ew. This little ending got a little to deep, personal, and way too sentimental. It almost sounds like a Grey’s Anatomy ending. Whoops. Now let me fix that:




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